Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No More Kings Pimping Post

So, a month or so ago Adam watched a zombie documentary that featured two songs by the band No More Kings.   So we've thought Pete kind of sounds like Adam Levine and Jason Mraz all mixed together.  Great freaking voice.  Ad played both songs for me when I got home from work and I was hooked.

Especially after I heard this little ditty:

If you love Karate Kid, or just love hilarity, you'll love this video.

So the two songs from the Zombie doc are still my favorites:

Zombie Me


They're Coming To Get You Barbara

I just found them singing Barbara live the other night and it's just gorgeous -

They have released three albums a self-titled debut, And the Flying Boombox, and III.  I really love the self-titled and III, but I just got And the Flying Boombox so I haven't had the chance to let it grow on me yet.  There are a LOT of pop-culture references.  There's a song about Schroeder, Michael Knight, the Lilliputians, and of course, zombies!! 

So, I hope you enjoyed these!  They're favorites of mine and I just wanted to share.  :)

And if Pete or Neil reads this - You guys are AWESOME. =)